The beginning of the journey

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Hello family and friends! Welcome to RV4Change. We’ve created for all of you to follow us along on our Canadian Adventures while we live our best lives and support our local hospice via the Great Bucket List Challenge!

We are exceptionally excited to share our experiences with you! I know some of you have been patiently awaiting the launch of this site, and others may not have had a clue what we’ve been up to so, we’d love to take the time to explain and share!! So, here it is!

Our Story

A few years ago following some serious life talks about next steps, discussions involving end of life planning, dreams and goals, I posed the question to Doug of how he would live if he knew he only had months to years to live. While he hadn’t put much thought in to it, I began to describe how I would pack him and the kids into an RV and begin travelling our beautiful country to connect with those I love, while spending quality time as a family and connecting with new people and places in this vast country of Canada that we call home! Despite the fact that we had both become very successful in our careers and financially more sound than we have ever been, we craved something more. We dreamt of more adventures, travel and quality time as a family. We had become busier than ever and the precious young years of our children was escaping us! We knew that while creating our life we had forgotten a thing or two about truly living, and that’s when Doug said “Why would you have to know you were dying to make this dream come true? We can make this happen, let’s start now! We knew we owed it to not only ourselves but, to our children to slow our pace down for awhile and become reacquainted with our core values, something we are hopeful will set the stage for the rest of our lives. That’s when a Dream of cross country travel in an RV became a Goal and we set to work!

Essentially, we were inspired to cut out the noise of society, dial in to what makes us happy and to fine tune a plan to get us there!

The Getting There

We started with a vision board; we began collecting inspiring photos/quotes and reflecting on them regularly.

We told a few close friends; that likely thought we were nuts! Lol... But, whether they know it or not, they have been very important in this journey, their support and belief in us has helped ensure we stay accountable to the goal.

We bought an RV; we didn’t know it then but, when we welcomed Murtle home (officially named by Hudson’s mispronunciation of motorhome) in October of 2017, it was perfect timing!

Then we experienced tragic loss; the following months after purchasing the RV Mel’s family was shaken 3 times in 6 months with loss. Grief struck, we continued to re evaluate the importance of our lives and our time here.

We went back to the drawing board; thinking we still had a few more years to set this plan in motion, we created a more indepth plan and pushed harder than ever.

We told a few more friends and some family; speaking your truth to the people that know and love you most is a bit of a roller coaster ride in itself! While some hop on willingly and positively anticipate the thrill of the ride, others don’t take it as easy. We love you all, know matter what!

Our house sold in just a few weeks!

We worked our asses off; when I say we, I truly mean Doug worked his ass off, while I was grief struck, physically and emotionally off my game, he continued to push the limits to attain our goal, all while supporting and pushing me along the way! From physical tasks around the house, downsizing and taking on a more inspired vision of having less and living more, as well as personal growth ….. to the listing and quicker than anticipated sale of our home, putting some personal touches on the RV as well as a ton of information seeking to help ease our transition from sticks and bricks to a home on wheels, we always had our eye on the prize and Doug was the driving force that kept the goal in motion!

We made sacrifices; we’d be crazy if we said that any of this has been easy! Change is hard! Like really, really hard! But, jumping out of our comfort zones has been the most liberating thing we’ve ever done!

Humility, Integrity, Strength, Courage, Love.

To elaborate on the above this journey is about; being present, reconnecting with family and friends while meeting and connecting with new people and places. We truly want to invest in growing as individuals and as a family while spreading positive energy, sharing, loving and spreading joy to those around us.

We are certain this will also set the stage for a lifetime of success for our precious boys. We will continue to encourage independent thinking and action while fostering interests and supporting them as they continue to become more confident being their true selves, as well as identifying their roles and responsibilities in leading a healthy balanced life.

Lastly, we are hopeful that we may empower and motivate others to shift out of their comfort zones and do more than exist ….. LIVE!!!!

Stay tuned ………….!!!!!

We’re so happy you’re here!!!!

Much Love Always!

Mel, Doug, Teegan & Hudson xo

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